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Chocolate Cyst: Ovarian Endometrioma Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

If treatment is taken in time, then the problem will stop from progressing. Knowing and understanding chocolate cysts can improve prevention.

For women, the regularity of the menstrual cycle is also an important condition for staying healthy. Nowadays, due to many reasons, this regular and natural process of women's life is getting disturbed.

The problem of cysts is becoming common not only in older women but even in young women and adolescent girls. 

Chocolate Cyst: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

A chocolate cyst is also a part of this. Famous actress Katrina Kaif has also gone through this some time back.

Still, the biggest problem in our country regarding menstruation is not being able to talk openly. Women still hide the pain associated with it.

Whereas most problems can be completely cured with timely treatment. The same happens in the case of chocolate cysts.

If treatment is taken in time, then the problem will stop from progressing. Knowing and understanding chocolate cysts can improve prevention.

Abnormal bleeding and pain

Occasionally, any woman may experience excessive bleeding, abdominal pain, or bloating. It is not necessary that every time it is because of the cyst itself.

But because of the cyst, this irregularity can be continuous. Chocolate cysts are medically known as 'endometriosis of ovaries' or 'ovarian endometrioma'.

These cysts grow inside the ovary but are mostly non-cancerous. They are filled with fluid and are brown to brown in appearance. Like melted chocolate.

That's why they are named chocolate cysts. Their color is actually due to the residual menstrual blood and tissues in the body that fill in the empty space of the cyst.

This condition can also form in one ovary and sometimes both ovaries can be the victim of it. It can be one in number or more.

Symptoms of Chocolate Cyst

The percentage of cyst problems is increasing rapidly in women. The special thing is that about 40 percent of women with the problem of endometriosis can be prone to chocolate cysts.

Therefore it is important to keep its symptoms in mind. So that the problem can be kept under control by taking treatment with the advice of the doctor in time. Symptoms of this problem include-

Sharp pain during period

Pain in the waist or pelvis that is happening even without a menstruation

Irregular periods

Decreased fertility in some women

Extreme pain during sex, etc.

Size of Chocolate Cyst

Many people have this misconception that if the size of the cyst is less, then there will be no problem. Whereas in reality the pain more than the size of the cyst depends on where the cyst is.

In such a situation, those women who find the small size of the cyst in the test, many times leave it without treatment, which can give wrong results.

Although this type of cyst can happen to women of any age, most of their cases are seen in women of gestational age.

Sometimes, if not treated, due to this, there may be difficulties in pregnancy. If for some reason the cyst bursts, there may be sudden severe abdominal pain at that place. In this condition, immediate treatment is required.

This is how doctors find out

By the way, only irregular or more painful periods start indicating this type of cyst. But in many women, symptoms may be minimal or non-existent.

In such a situation, pelvic examination, in which the doctor feels the cyst during the hand test, on the basis of the symptoms or despite everything else being fine, pregnancy is not happening, after examining all these things, the doctor recommends further sonography for the cyst, etc.

The cyst is detected through sonography, but whether it is a chocolate cyst or not, the doctor examines the cyst by taking fluid from the needle. From this, the nature of the cyst is also known.

Chocolate Cyst Treatment and Vigilance

Once a chocolate cyst is removed, there is a risk of it forming again. Therefore, its treatment and subsequent precautions need to be kept in mind.

It is not something that cannot be done. The treatment depends on many things like the age of the patient, symptoms, effect on one ovary or both, whether the woman wants further children, etc.

If the cyst is small in size and does not show any specific symptoms, then the doctor may also ask to wait for some time. During this time, you may also be given the advice to change your routine, change in diet, and exercise.

Certain medications may also be given to relieve pain and slow the growth of cysts. If the cyst has to be removed, then only the help of surgery is taken. This procedure is called ovarian cystectomy.

Keep these things in mind too

Regular exercise is very helpful here too. This helps in keeping the body fit internally as well. It can also be helpful in controlling symptoms.

Eating nutritious food helps you to keep the weight balanced and give enough energy to the body. This may also provide relief in symptoms.

Even if the cyst is removed after surgery, there may be a possibility of the cyst coming back. In such a situation, keeping the routine regular can help in bringing the body into the rhythm.

Mostly success in becoming a mother can be found after surgery or treatment with a regular lifestyle and diet. So take treatment with positive thinking.


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