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Yoga Tips: Are You Start Yoga First Time? Don’t make these mistakes

যোগব্যায়াম করার সময় কিছু ছোট ভুল এড়িয়ে চলতে হবে। অতএব, প্রথমবার যোগব্যায়াম করার সময়, এই বিষয়গুলির বিশেষ যত্ন নিন।

World Yoga Day is 21st June. India is considered to be the yoga guru, who told all the countries of the world about the benefits of yoga. To make people aware of yoga. Yoga is very beneficial for health. To maintain mental and physical health, yoga should be practiced regularly. Practicing yoga is beneficial for people of all ages. Whatever the disease, yoga gives relief.

Yoga Tips: Are You Start Yoga First Time? Don’t make these mistakes

Realizing the importance of yoga, nowadays people have started practicing yoga by watching YouTube or online videos. But if you are going to do yoga for the first time, there are some things to keep in mind. The effects of yoga can be reversed due to some initial mistakes while doing yoga. Some small mistakes should be avoided while doing yoga. Therefore, when doing yoga for the first time, take special care of these issues.

Take care of Your Breathing

Breathing plays an important role in yoga. If people who are doing yoga for the first time do yoga without the instruction of an instructor, they should remember not to breathe through their mouths while sitting. You should also know when to inhale and when to exhale.

Do Yoga on an Empty Stomach

If you are going to do yoga for the first time, you should know that yoga is done on an empty stomach. Do not do yoga after breakfast or lunch. If you don't have time to do yoga in the morning, remember that whenever you do yoga, you haven't eaten anything for at least 3 hours before. Do not eat food immediately after doing yoga. Rather give the body a little rest than eat.

Clothes for Yoga

You should wear comfortable clothes while doing yoga. Wearing tight clothing causes fear of tearing during stretching and cramps in the muscles of the body. On the other hand, due to tight clothing, you are not able to concentrate on yoga.

It Should be Warmed up First

You should warm up before doing yoga or workout. If you are doing yoga for the first time, you should be aware that you do not have to sit up straight on the mat and take a posture, but you need to warm up first to activate the body.

Don’t Try Hard and Wrong Yoga

If you are going to do yoga for the first time, start with simple and basic yoga. Do not do hard yoga, it can also put you at risk of injury. With that, find out what is the right posture for practicing any yoga. Don't sit in the wrong position.

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