Yoga Tips: These Yoga Pose Strengthen The Heart and Lungs


For the body to function properly, special attention needs to be paid to the health of all the organs. The heart and lungs also have a special role in this. The heart is needed to pump blood, while the lungs help carries oxygen to all organs and maintain respiratory function. 

Yoga Tips: These Yoga Pose Strengthen The Heart and Lungs
However, in the last few years, the number of people suffering from these two organ problems has been increasing at a significant rate. Corona infections in particular have severely affected the health of both organs. Health experts advise all people to take measures to reduce the risk of related diseases.

The practice of regular yoga practice is considered to be very beneficial in maintaining good heart and lung health and reducing all kinds of health problems related to it.

Yoga can help keep these organs healthy and make their tasks easier. Let's find out which postures you can practice every day to keep these organs healthy can be beneficial for you.

Fishing Poes yoga practice

Matsyasana or fish posture is a good yoga to keep the lungs and heart-healthy. This yoga posture is believed to help increase the amount of oxygen and improve blood circulation in the body. Practicing this yoga every day can be beneficial for you in overcoming many types of respiratory disorders, and keeping the lungs and heart functioning better.

benefits of dhunshasana pose

The benefits of Dhunshasana Pose

The practice of bow posture or Dhunshasana yoga is considered by health experts to improve the capacity of the lungs, maintain good respiratory function as well as strengthen the heart.

Regular practice of this yoga clears mucus from the airways and simplifies the process of breathing. Yoga experts say that the practice of practicing yoga before sunrise is considered to be very beneficial. It also helps keep you energetic, positive, and active throughout the day.

Meditation Practice

Known as a meditative posture, this practice can be particularly helpful in improving heart and lung health. Studies show that exercises like music, meditation, and mindfulness can improve your heart health.

Practicing mindfulness or meditation for 10 minutes a day can improve heart rate, reduce stress and keep blood pressure under control. Regular practice of this yoga reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke.


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