Parenting Tips: If Son or Daughter Refuses to Marry, The Parents Should Agree


Every parent dreams of marrying their children. As children get older, parents begin to think about their marriage. He makes a lot of preparations for the marriage of a son or a daughter. Want to find a life partner who can complete their child's family and with whom their son or daughter can spend their life happily. But in the present age, most young people do not give priority to marriage.

Parenting Tips: If Son or Daughter Refuses to Marry, The Parents Should Agree

In many homes, children refuse to marry. Do not consider yourself ready for marriage even after reaching the age of marriage. For this reason, if the parents want to get married in front of them, they refuse to get married. 

In this situation, parents often pressure their children to get married or emotionally blackmail them. But if you want your son or daughter to marry happily, then parents should follow these steps to persuade you to marry.

Ask why not get married

If your son or daughter refuses to marry, find out the reason without pressuring them. You can solve their problems by knowing why your son or daughter does not want to get married. Maybe she wants to get married but she needs time. He wants to focus on his career. Or she may not feel ready for marriage.

Waiting for the right partner

Every boy or girl has their own opinions and preferences about marriage. If your son or daughter refuses to get married, it may be that he or she does not like the relationship or that he or she is not ready for the arranged marriage. She must be dreaming of a life partner. Looking for the right partner. To understand the choice of boy or girl about marriage.

Know the child's preferences

Often young people are in a relationship with someone but keep it a secret from their parents or family. Your son or daughter does not want to get married because they already love someone but are unable to tell you about him. You need to make them feel that you can understand their preferences or feelings so that they can openly express their preferences to you.

Give the child time to think

Many times the parents force the child to get married even if they don't want to. The children blame the parents if there is any problem in their marital life later. So give them time without forcing the boy or girl to marry. Solve their problems or causes knowing.

Otherwise, give him a few days so he can think seriously about marriage. Introduce the boy or girl to the spouse you have chosen for them so that they can understand each other. Your son or daughter may also think that you have found a good partner for them.

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