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Health Tips: Problems and Solutions to Vitamin-K Deficiency in The Body

Vitamin K deficiency can be a problem in the body, as well as what is considered to be good to take the deficiency.

The body needs different types of nutrients every day to stay healthy and fit. This is why health experts advise all people to eat foods every day that can easily meet this need of the body. Vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients are needed to keep the organs healthy and the body working as a whole.

Problems and Solutions to Vitamin-K Deficiency in The Body

When it comes to vitamin requirements, we often hear about the need for vitamin C-D and its deficiency problems, but these vitamins alone will not work. Experts say that the same amount of vitamins are needed for the body to function optimally.

Vitamin K plays an important role in the process of blood clotting. The process of blood clotting helps to stop excessive bleeding inside and outside the body. Scientists further believe that vitamin K is also necessary for bone growth and keeping them healthy. 

Let's find out what kind of problems can occur if there is a deficiency of vitamin K in the body, as well as what is considered to be good to take to meet the deficiency.

Requires Daily Vitamin K

According to health experts, people of all ages should take vitamin K daily. According to health experts, the daily requirement of this nutrient is 120 micrograms (mcg) for men and 90 mcg for women. These needs of the body can be easily met by diet as well as dietary supplements.

Vitamin K Deficiency Problem

Vitamin K deficiency can lead to many health problems. Excessive bleeding is most likely in this injury. Symptoms of excessive bleeding in the body can be identified by specific symptoms.

  • Get hurt easily.
  • Blood clots under the nails.
  • Darkening of stool or bleeding in the stool.
  • Easy healing after injury fails.
  • How to Overcome Vitamin-K Deficiency?

    In general, experts emphasize eating more healthy and nutritious foods to meet your daily needs for vitamin K. Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, lettuce and broccoli, vegetable oils, meat-cheese, eggs, lentils, and soybeans are rich in this vitamin. The need for this vitamin can be easily met by including it in the diet.

    Risks Related to Vitamin K Deficiency

    If vitamin K deficiency in adults is not treated, it can lead to excessive bleeding, which can be dangerous. Chronic bleeding (intracranial hemorrhage) or if not treated in time can lead to brain damage or even death. Be sure to take this vitamin every day to stay away from this danger.

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