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Relationship Tips: Know These Symptoms Does Your Partner Love You or Attraction

Many times people do not realize that he is in love or attracted to his partner. Does your partner love you or just attracted, know these symptoms.

Often a boy or girl starts liking each other. She wants to be friends with them, to spend time.

A lot of times she starts to think of her feelings as love and she offers that friend to fulfill this love. People get involved when the partner agrees to the proposal.

Know These Symptoms of Love or Attraction
However, later you realize that what you thought was love and bond in the relationship was just attraction and attachment, which fades over time.

In such a situation your relationship does not last long and there is a risk of breaking up. Many times people do not realize that he is in love or attracted to his partner.

In such a situation, before establishing a relationship with your partner or expressing love to your partner, you should know your true feelings, whether you really love them or just attachment and attraction.

Love is not at first sight

People believe that sometimes love happens at first sight. However, this is mostly a lie. At first glance, you are only attracted to the person in front, which is based only on appearance.

This means that if there is any change in their beauty or appearance in the future, then your love may end.

For love, you should know about your partner's behavior and personality. You fall in love with your partner's heart. So consider love as an attraction at first sight.

Love cares

When you love someone, you care about others. Love is cared for but not revealed but proves itself in attraction. Express your feelings and pretend that you care about your partner.

Know These Symptoms of Love or Attraction

Distance in love does not matter

You don't have to be with someone you love. You love them equally even if you are away from them.

You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. But if you always like to be around them, call him an attraction.

Missing the feeling of love

No matter where your loved ones are, chatting with friends or talking to someone, but they care and remember you in your mind.

Where this is not the case with attraction. You miss them but when you are with your family or friends, you forget your partner.

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