Health Tips: How to Keep Your Kidney Health and Strong

The rain that comes after the extreme heat is full of relief, but it brings with it many problems. Health experts say dirt, contaminated water, and food increase the risk of many types of infections during this rainy season. It can cause problems in other parts of the body, starting with the stomach. For this reason, experts emphasize paying special attention to health this season. Problems like gastroenteritis, dengue, typhoid, and diarrhea have been seen quite a lot this season.

Health Tips: বর্ষায় কিডনি রোগীদের সমস্যা বাড়তে পারে, এসব বিষয়ে খেয়াল রাখা খুবই জরুরি

This rainy season is also considered to be very challenging for people suffering from kidney problems. Doctors say it is important to take care of personal hygiene in a humid environment during the rainy season. Neglecting it can lead to kidney infection or damage.

Leptospirosis, dengue, typhoid, acute gastroenteritis, and hepatitis can cause inflammation of the kidneys due to various diseases this season. In such cases, those who already have kidney problems need to pay special attention to their health. Let us know what you should take special care of.

Take Care of Food Hygiene

In this rainy season, it is very important to take care of the cleanliness of food and water to prevent kidney or any kind of infection. Water should be boiled and filtered before drinking, as it is the most common source of infection during the rainy season. Also, try to eat fresh food cooked at home. There may be a risk of uncleanness in outside food.

Monitoring Blood Pressure and Sugar Levels

The constant rise in both blood pressure and sugar can exacerbate a variety of kidney problems. People with diabetes should have their blood sugar levels checked regularly. Keep trying to control these two. Blood pressure has also been identified as a major cause of serious kidney problems.

Wash the fruit well before eating

Make sure you don’t eat freshly cut fruit this season. This is because pre-cut fruits are at risk of microbial accumulation. Peeling and cleaning the fruit before eating reduces the problem of germs or bacteria in the outer skin. In the same way, wash the vegetables well and eat them.

 Important of Personal Hygiene

Taking care of personal hygiene is considered to be the most important in preventing infections during the rainy season. Take care of cleanliness around the house. Washing your hands regularly is very important, especially before and after meals. Hand hygiene will not only protect against seasonal infections, but it is also the most appropriate way to reduce the risk of corona.

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