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Friendship Tips: The friend is Not Borrowing Money? Get Money Back Easy Way

If you also have a friend who has borrowed from you but is not repaying, you should carefully return your money.

The relationship of friendship is very deep, but when it comes to money transactions in the same friendship, the relationship also gets into trouble. Often people want help if their friends have a problem. She shares her problem with a friend and enlists their help. Understanding each other's problems in friendship, and helping them is common, but when it comes to money, both the inquiring friend and the providing friend should be careful.

friends borrow money

There are many times when a friend talks about his helplessness and asks him to borrow money and promises to return it, but when it comes time to return the money, the friend forgets. You also don’t feel bad for your friend, so don’t talk about getting a refund from him.

After many days, if he wants to return the money to his friend, he does not return the money even if he wants more time on some excuse. If you also have a friend who has borrowed from you but is not repaying, then you can get your money back by following some very careful methods.

Say What You Need

Tell the person you borrowed from that you need the money very much at this time. Either way, he will give you a refund so you can meet your needs. Tell them about your problem. If there is any evidence to prove your need, show it too. If possible, talk about money transactions with a friend up front, not by phone or text.

Ask to Pay in Installments

If you have given a friend a large sum of money and he is unable to repay that amount, fix an installment. Talk to a friend and set a time to return a certain price each month. This will not be a burden on the friend and your money will be back soon. If the friend makes an excuse, this option will not even give him a chance to make an excuse. They can sign contracts for money transactions.

Take Something in Exchange for Money

If a friend refuses to pay, ask him to give you something, which you should keep as a guarantee. Such as their car, household papers, or any other valuables. I will try to get your money back to the friend as soon as possible to get his things back. However, you need to make him feel that you are asking for something from him so that you can explain it to your family members as well. This will make the friend feel less bad about you.

Get Help From Family or Other Friends

If a friend doesn’t listen to you, talk to family or your general friends. Talk to the family of the friend who took the money or asks your friend for money through your family so that he can return your money instantly. You can also ask your other friends to explain to the borrower's friend. But do it only when your money is most needed so that your friend does not feel bad about your steps.

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