Flax seed Recipe: How to Make Flax seed Chutney Recipe

When you get chutney and raita with food, the fun of eating is doubled. The taste of the chutney is amazing and it tastes great when eaten with unsalted food. There are some fruits and vegetables in every season. Whose chutney enhances the taste. If you want to taste and health together, you can eat flaxseed chutney rich in protein and rich in fiber. So let's learn how to make flaxseed chutney.

flax seed recipe

Flax Seed Chutney Making Materials

To make linseed chutney you will need 100 grams of linseed seeds, five to six cloves of garlic, three to four green chilies, two teaspoons of lemon juice, salt to taste, and four to five stalks of mint leaves.

How to Make Flax seed Chutney

To make flaxseed chutney, first, you have to clean the flax seeds well. Heat the pan and then dry these flaxseeds. Do not use any oil or ghee for frying. Now cool these flaxseeds

flax seed chutney

When the linseed is cold, turn it over in a mixer jar. Put lemon juice, green chilies, and garlic cloves together. Add salt as well. Rinse well with three to four teaspoons of water. It will be difficult to crush each other.

So run the mixer at least three to four times and grind. Simply prepare flaxseed sauce. However, you can enhance the taste of this sauce by adding mint leaves. Flavored and healthy flaxseed chutney is ready. It can be served for dinner or lunch.


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