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Yoga Tips: Know The Method and Health Benefits of Camel Pose

All people must include this yoga pose in their daily routine. Let's find out how to add Ustrasana and its benefits.

The Health experts recommend doing yoga every day to maintain physical and mental well-being. By practicing yoga you can not only reduce physical inactivity but it is also considered to reduce the risk of many diseases.

Studies have shown that by practicing yoga poses every day, you can greatly reduce the problems of large muscles in the body, which is a great benefit to the body in the problem of pain and stiffness. Experts consider the practice of camel posture or Ustrasana yoga to be very effective.

Health Benefits of Camel Pose

Stretching from the chest to the back and thighs, adding Ustrasana can help improve blood circulation, stretch the chest, relieve spinal problems, and make you feel calmer.

All people must include this yoga pose in their daily routine. Let's find out how to add Ustrasana and its benefits.

How to Play Ustrasana

Ustrasana yoga practice is difficult and may require special training. To know about its method, it is considered a good way to consult an expert.

Sit on your knees first to do this yoga. Now apply pressure on the lower part of the spine to move forward while breathing. Hold the feet with both hands.

At this time you have to feel full pressure in the navel. Bend your back and let the neck loose. Hold this position for 30 to 60 seconds.

Benefits of Ustrasana Yoga

Ustrasana yoga is considered to be especially beneficial for increasing the strength of many parts of the body. You can get health benefits by practicing regularly.

  • Ustrasana yoga reduces thigh fat.
  • Strengthen the shoulders and back as well as strengthen them.
  • Improves body composition.
  • Effective yoga exercises open the chest and improve breathing.
  • Relieves lower back pain.
  • Strengthens thighs and arms.
  • Ustrasana yoga is very effective in keeping the body flexible, especially keeping the spine healthy.

Caution of Ustrason Yoga

People suffering from certain types of health problems are advised to be cautious about Ustrason Yoga. People who suffer from high blood pressure and insomnia should avoid this yoga. 

Also, those who have a back injury or neck pain should avoid the addition of Ustrasan.


The information published in our yoga section has been prepared on the basis of discussions with the yoga guru. The relevant article has been prepared to increase the knowledge and awareness of the reader. 

We do not claim or have any responsibility for the information and data provided in the article. Consult your yoga guru for more details about related diseases mentioned in the article above.

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